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The GoodTime Platform

GoodTime is an AI-driven platform curated for consumers and businesses to facilitate planning and organizing real world get-togethers based on match-making of interests of people within the GoodTime network. Available for both iOS and Android mobile devices, the platform enables people to create social events effectively making personal interactions little more meaningful. From the meeting tables to the ground-breaking ceremonies, and on to all the expectations of good moments one wishes to have with loved ones, the GoodTime platform provides the framework.

The main task of the application is to relieve headaches associated with organizing a get-together quickly enough to uphold the very spirit of the activity. Living a busy life and dealing with multiple big and small decisions on a typical day, people often reach decision fatigue. And when it’s about the need to meet people, figuring out next gathering feels like a colossal task - starting from agreeing on where to go, how to get there, how to keep everyone well-informed at all times, and to see their tracks. People are equipped with different devices that have different applications; and who keeps tracks on which application to use to communicate with who, discourage the whole idea of spending time together or replace with virtual substitutes. Interestingly, the GoodTime application fits the gap.

What it does

The platform keeps real-life socializing need-fulfilment at the forefront in the form of an application that comes as a simple, elegant and personable tool with users’ data well-protected and secured within the platform, and is differentiated by capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. The extensive event planning capabilities enable people to create invites and track the joiners real-time, RSVP for the event, create event buzz or instantly engage in direct and private conversations using multimedia etc.

The application represents over 300 varied interests of the consumers and businesses, and help them plan, organize, find a place, communicate and track the joiners to meet at a collectively decided place for a collective purpose. It matches user’s preferences, interests and hobbies; analyses users’ traits — that they stream rock music, attend bokwa classes, make dinner reservations at steakhouses, buy tickets to soccer and much more. Then it scans a matrix of hundreds of activities to find matches, filtering a recommendation perfectly aligned with their interests in real time. So, rather than seeing a random advertisement that tries to appeal to everyone, the users get custom recommendations just for them with perks designed just for them. The geo-targeting filter ensures the recommendations shown were within driving distance of the user’s home. Viewers could then explore the recommendations on each activity on GoodTime website. So, they could plan their real get-togethers and share it with others.

Competitive Advantage

The GoodTime offers a competitive advantage with an array of features beneficial for the consumers:

One Integrated Tool

The GoodTime platform is a single-tool with plenty of interesting features on display such as getting recommendations, creating invites, joining the events, RSVPing, creating the buzz, engaging in one-on-one and group conversations. Besides, it also integrates the interests of users and businesses and bring them together under one-roof for the best results suitable to both.

Multiple Use Cases

From a person seeking out an opportunity for learning new things or planning a get-together with friends, family and colleagues to a gym instructor, waitress or a coach looking forward to offering his services, the platform offers multiple use cases for different users (consumers & business) with their distinguished needs.

Ease of Use

The user-friendly and clean interface makes it suitable for consumers to use the platform without getting lost in the complexities, like other apps.

Data Protection

There is a rising insecurity among the consumers about theft of personal data, the platform sincerely addresses the concern and keeps the user data and preferences well-protected.

Sophisticated Suite of Features

  • Getting AI-powered Recommendations

    The AI run platform offers recommendations based on match-making of interests and preferences that work for everyone in the group - for activities, time, venue, and list of invitees.

  • Creating Invites and Tracking the Joiners Real-Time

    The feature enables users to create an unplanned or an intended get together in seconds with audio & video invitation messages. Also, they can track the confirmation and whereabouts of the people joining the event with real-time tracking option.

  • Joining Events

    The invitees can quickly RSVP and update the host about their availability. The application enables the host to keep a track of the number of people attending and manage the preparations accordingly. Moreover, upon accepting the invitation, invitees can also interact with the host.

  • Creating Event Buzz

    Both the host and participants can raise questions or discussions on the queries related to the event by creating a buzz and asking for the opinion of those in your circle.

  • Messaging Instantly

    Instead of switching in-between multiple applications, one can easily engage in direct and private conversations with people in their GoodTime network using this feature.

Market Adoption

Approximately two billion events happen in a year in the US, where people spend time together within their close network for food and drinks, sports, conferences, performing arts, music fest, talk shows, and other areas of interests. One billion of these use smartphones-based tools. The GoodTime platform anticipates a user base of over 300 million consumers. Of the five million (est.) business get-togethers, two million are organized by professionals. The anticipated total number of business professionals joining the Goodtime application is one million.

The application is available to consumers at no cost. For businesses, it has a small subscription-based service model to cover the cost of managing and operating this platform. In return, this helps businesses attract the best fit using AI powered matching system.

The product brings clear benefits to the consumers with the holistic services from planning to logistics. At the same time, the platform is also focused on finding the right integration models for the businesses. Thus, after integrating both supply- and demand side-platforms, we are certain to gain more traction with the network effect.

The company’s vision is to value interpersonal interactions that are getting replaced by shallow virtual nudges to help them stay in uninterrupted communication with peeps and planning an event suitable to everyone in the group. With the assistance of human-centered technologies, we believe we can make human connect meaningful, livelier and that these intelligently crafted solutions powered by emerging technologies can really solve small or complex problems. GoodTime is not just another application for people to connect online, but to bring them to connect with real-life experiences.